Digital Visibility for your Business is Very Very Important.

Are you VISIBLE on 1st page of Google Search?


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Paid Listing Kothrud

Every business want LEADS LEADS LEADS..

But businesses often forget that BEFORE LEADS COMES IMPRESSIONS.

When you get 1000 IMPRESSIONS, you may gain 50 CLICKS

When you gain 50 CLICKS, you may gain 10 calls

When you gain 10 CALLS, you may gain 1 CUSTOMER

This is how Digital Lead Generation WORKS.

So, with IMPRESSIONS being very Crucial, how does your Biz rank on Google?

98% of your customers engage with first page Google Search Result.

Is your Biz reachable Digitally from 1st Page of Google Search?

This is what Your Competition is Doing.

Google Trends Confirms Kothrud Residents Actively doing Google Search Locally

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Paid Listing Kothrud

Key Highlights of Paid Directory Listing

First Page Google Presence
Events & Coupon's
Content Marketing
Local Social Media
Value for Money

Clients Success Stories

T Shirt Printing in Kothrud

Case Study 1: Customized T-Shirt Printing in Kothrud.

1st Page of Google Presence

Business Location :- Kothurd

Local Directory :-

Total Impressions in last 3 Months :- 304

Total Clicks in last 3 Months :- 12 Clicks

Case Study 2: Hair, Beauty Salon in Bavdhan

1st Page of Google Presence

Business Location :- Bavdhan

Local Directory :-

Total Impressions in last 3 Months :- 328

Total Clicks in last 3 Months :- 10 Clicks

Spa in Kothrud

"Joh Dikta Hai - Woh Bikta Hai"

Is your local business not getting sufficient local reach & leads?

Before you get leads, you need bucket loads of visibility.. Also called impressions.

Most visibility comes from 1st page of google search and also from social media posts.

So, is your Business appearing on 1st Page of Google search results?

If your answer is NO, then sadly you are not getting Visibility itself.


When you are visible 100 times on google search, then you can expect 5 clicks, and out of 5 clicks you get 1 call.

Why consider a paid directory listing on kothrud. Com directory network?

At just Rs.3000 / year, it helps you get

assured 365 days 24x7 1st page google presence, giving your biz the much needed impressions on google search.

Plus get 10 more rich features, which no other business directory offers.

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  • Limited Time Offer for Annual Paid Directory Listing: Rs.5000 for 1st year (includes Rs.2000 as setup fee)
  • 2nd year onwards annual Renewal fee of Rs.3000 per year.
  • PAY FOR 2 YEARS AND SAVE over 20% on 2nd Year:

One-time fee of Rs.7000

  • Payment instructions:

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  • Kindly note: Paid Listing is Delivered within 5 days of all information provided by the client.
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